Bad Debts written off in 1840 with the date of the last transaction
James Leichman (Byreburnfoot)£10.5.11½d   1827
John Elliot (Barrascrofts)14/8½d   1825
John Graham (Byreburn)14/3¾d   1827
Janet Little (Slackhead)7/6d   1825
John Little (Woodhouselees)1/5½d   1827
Robert Crummie (Battleknow)3/3½d   1827
William Scott (Arnlea)4/3d   1822
("Keet") Catriona Bartley (Barrascrofts)5/8½d   1819
Andrew McGlasson (Birney)£2.8.1½d   1835
James Ward (Bowholm)3/10d   1829
Special Debt

Bill drawn by Thomas Scott (Whistlebare) in 1831 for £6.8.6½d was settled on 22nd June 1838.

Very special bad debt
James Hyslop (Newtown) debt 15/- 1826
By son4/-1834
By carting dung (1 day 1 horse)4/-1834
By carting dung (1 day 1 horse)4/-1849
Remaining as bad debt3/-
For Funeral of William Somerville, 1831

June 22nd and 23rd:

Candles, Funeral letters, sugar, tea, ewe cheese, gallon of malt whisky: 8/-d

Bottle of malt whisky: 1/6d

Quart Jamaica Rum: 3/6d

June 24th

Whisky returned: 2/9d

Sold to Kirk Session of Canonby

8 yds of White Shirting @6d per yard for Winding Sheet for Widow Martin of Bleacraigs

ditto: Lizzie Forest