Langholm Old Church Parish Magazine

LANGHOLM OLD PARISH CHURCHchurchFounded 1703, present Church built 1846

N0. 5. DECEMBER, 1960.

Minister: Revd. TOM CALVERT, The Old Manse, Langholm. Tel. 256.

Session Clerk: Mr. JOHN TYMAN, National Bank Buildings

Treasurer: Mr. R. A. BLACK, 35 Eskdaill Street.

Organist: Mr. A. C. MALLINSON, A.R.C.O., L.R.A.M., 72 Henry Street.

Motto Text for December—"Though Christ a thousand times In Bethlehem be born. If He’s not born in thee Thy soul is all forlorn." Angelus Silesius.

Letter from the Minister

My Dear Friends,

This issue of the Parish Magazine comes to you with the photograph of our Old Church appearing on the front page and for all living far away from Langholm who will see the photo I hope it will bring back many happy memories, While the history of the Old Kirk of Langholm goes back to 1703, our present building dates back to 1846. It is noted in the Kirk Session records that on May 17th, 1846 "The New Parochial Church was opened, and that the Rev. W. Berry Shaw the present incumbent, along with the Minister of Kilmarnock, conducted the services of the day".

Christmas Greetings

By the time this letter is read I will have called at every home connected with the Old Parish Church, and to all our people I wish to send sincere greetings for a Merry Christmas. A Merry Christmas to the children with lots of laughter and fun and gifts. A Merry Christmas to folk growing old, with a comfy fire to sit by, and something really nice to enjoy. A Merry Christmas to all sick folk at home or in hospital. May this be the best Christmas they have ever known, even if they have to spend it in bed. I am glad that the people of Langholm celebrate Christmas in Church and in their homes. I see from the Old Parish records that Christmas has been celebrated in Langholm as far back as in the days of the ministry of the late Revd. James Buchanan. Before the war I was a minister in Ayrshire and from what I can remember Christmas Day passed by with very little ceremony. When in 1939 I joined the Army as a Chaplain and went to Northern France with a Scottish Regiment, I well remember how New Year’s Day was chosen as the day for festivity but since there was a large proportion of English lads in the Regiment, they desired and were granted Christmas festivity. The result was that the lads from north of the Border came in for two special dinners, and all alike were pleased to parade to a Christmas Service when we remembered the birth of our Saviour in Bethlehem....

(There is a gap here where a picture has been cut out)

...December, the Evening Service will be led entirely by the children of the Sunday School when they will enact the story of the Birth of the Holy Child in Bethlehem, and express in verse the message of Christmas for our modern world. At the beginning of this Service the children are asked to bring a gift which will be received and placed on the Communion Table, and on the following day the gifts will be taken to the Hawick branch of Dr. Barnardo’s Homes. This helps our children to realise they are doing something to help girls and boys much less fortunate to have a Merry Christmas in knowing they have not been forgotten. Then on Christmas Day the 11-45 a.m. Morning Service will be appropriate to the season. The children will remain in Church throughout the whole of the Service and the sermon will be short and addressed to them. After the sermon the children will be asked to come forward and receive a gift from the Christmas Tree. On Christmas Eve, Saturday, 24th December, the Candle-light Service of Seven Lessons and Carols will commence at ll p.m. and conclude at mid-night. This Service will be led by members of the Youth Fellowship and the Offering will be given to Dr. Barnardo’s Homes. The Christmas Day Evening Service at 6 p.m. will be a Service of Christmas music and carols led by Mr. Mallinson and the Choir.

Youth Activities

Everyone enjoyed seeing the Boys’ Brigade parade to the Old Parish Church for their Enrolment Service on Sunday, 20th November. We greatly appreciated hearing the Lessons read by Capt. R. Robertson, and Lieut J. Maclntosh and hearing the B.B. Company sing so heartily their favourite hymn, "We have an anchor which keeps the soul". The lst Langholm Coy of the Boys Brigade is blessed with exceptionally good leadership...

(another gap here)

Greetings and Congratulations

On Monday, 28th November l was one of the guest speakers at the Carlisle Church of Scotland Anniversary social. lt was a large and happy gathering in the Richmond Hall presided over by the minister. the Revd. T. C. Urquhart. M.A. Other speakers were the Revs. A. P. Dickey, M.A. of Fisher Street, Presbyterian Church and A. R. Alexander, M.A. In addressing the Carlisle Church on the occasion of their 125th anniversary I conveyed the greetings of the Old Parish Church of Langholm to our sister Church south of the Border We all join in offering our congratulations and best wishes to David Dalgliesh, 29 Drove Road, Langholm on attaining his 93rd birthday on Thursday, lst December.

In Memoriam

During the past month we have lost four beloved members of our Church. Miss Charlotte Mary Cairns at Springfield, Langholm on l2th November at the age of 69. Miss Cairns was the youngest daughter of the late Provost John Cairns and Mrs. Cairns, Holmfoot. Her father was well known as an Elder and devoted member of the Old Parish Church. Miss Cairns was always seeking the help and to be of service to someone. She was of a very genial disposition and good humour. During my short ministry I have received a lot of encouragement from her, especially by her regular attendance at Sunday worship, Her sudden passing leaves a big gap and we all extend to her sister, Mrs. Irving Bell our heart felt sympathy in her bereavement.

Miss Isabella Mack passed away on 10th November in the Hope Hospital. She was well known in the district, and took a keen interest in all that happened in Langholm and especially in the Old Parish Church right up to the last. I have memories of many happy visits to her in Hospital where she was so very comfortable and well cared for. She loved a cheerful conversation and had many friends.

The sudden passing of Mrs. Catherine Boyd of 73 Henry Street on l7th November was a shock to us all. She is remembered by her many Langholm friends for her good life and neighbourliness.

Mr.William Ewart passed away on 17th November at the age of 73, and is very much missed in our Church, as he is in the whole of Langholm. He was a brave sufferer and passed away in the Hope Hospital where he was given devoted care and nursing. I had a long conversation with him on the Friday previous to Remembrance Sunday, when he told me how much he regretted he would be absent for the first time at the Remembrance Day Annual Service since his discharge from active service in the 1914/18 war. He was a man who loved his Church and found his Sunday worship a source of help and strength. We extend our sincere sympathy with his widow and with his son and family.

On 22nd November I travelled to Burnley, Lancashire, to conduct the funeral service of Mr. Alexander Henry Grey. Mr. Grey who was living with his son Dr. Alexander Grey in Burnley was for many years Headmaster of Aberdeen Grammar School. A man beloved by hundreds of his former pupils. He was for many years an Elder of the Church of Scotland and frequently represented the Aberdeen Presbytery at the General Assembly. He passed away at the age of 70.

With warm regards to all our people.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Calvert, Minister.

Kirk Session Finance Committee

Commencing January, 1961 all Church of Scotland Churches are required by Act of Assembly to contribute an assessed sum to the General Treasurer at 121 George Street, Edinburgh under the recently adopted Unified Appeal. This means an increased obligation on the part of our own Church lt is estimated that for local needs and to meet our obligation under the Unified Appeal in 1961 we will require to raise approximately £2,112. We are anxious for all our people to consider taking Free Will Offering Envelopes for 1961 and help by taking a part however small in meeting our financial obligations. Envelopes can be had by applying to Mr. Black. the Church Treasurer. or to the Elder of your district. For all who are on the high rate of Income Tax we would greatly appreciate if you would consider making your contributions Under Deed of Covenant. This would mean that our Treasurer would benefit by recovery of the tax on the sum covenanted. Mr. T. McKail British Linen Bank, High Street has kindly undertaken to provide the necessary forms and arrange for contributions to be received in this way. He will also be pleased to give any further information on this method of contributing to our Church. Any of our people prepared to consider giving to the Church in this way are asked to contact Mr. McKail.

Langholm Old Parish Church Women’s Guild

A novel feature during the past month was the Guest Night on November 8th. This was a most successful evening, and a comprehensive programme had been arranged by Mrs. Black and Mrs. Morrison. On 10th November about 45 members of Langholm Old Parish Guild were guests of the Ewes Guild. and a very profitable and enjoyable evening was spent there. Mrs. Wylie of Lockerbie gave an interesting talk on her two-day outing to the Summer School at St. Andrews. Mrs. Young of Langholm sang two songs and the ladies of the Guild served up an excellent tea.

At a meeting on 22nd November the ladies of the E.U. Guild were guests of the Langholm Old and on this occasion, Miss Violet Willis of Annan delighted the company with her singing and playing.

During December, there is only one Guild meeting and this will take the form of a Christmas Party. Again, the Entertainment Committee are going to be very busy.

Members are invited to bring along their knitting or sewing. To help along the clicking needles, it is hoped to arrange a Panel Game. At the moment, this looks like being a light hearted version of "Any Questions".

Boys’ Brigade

On Saturday, 3rd December the Boys’ Brigade Week was concluded. when the sum of £60 was found to have been raised by the collection. The Company wishes to thank the parents of the boys; and their friends who so generously contributed to this B.B. Week appeal. Part of this sum is retained by the Company and part sent up to B.B. Headquarters to support B.B. work at home and abroad. The Tyman Squad Medal has been awarded for the second time to Squad 2 under Cpl. J. O. Barker, The Senior boys have organised a Dance to take place in the Church Hall on 23rd December, when the boys will be able to bring their friends.


On November 18th in the Old Parish Church. James Campbell of Duncansilat, Waterbeck to Mary C. Landells of Solway Bank, Canonbie.



14th—Miss lsabella Mack. 84 Henry Street age 84

15th—Miss Charlotte Mary Cairns, Springfield. age 69.

19th—Mrs. Catherine Boyd, 73 Henry Street, age 62.

19th—Mr. William Ewart, 17 Walter Street, age 73

"They rest from their labours and their works do follow them". Rev. 14. 13

Church Calendar


18th—11.45 a.m. and 6 p.m. Revd. Tom Calvert. Flowers, Mrs. Jeffrey. Evening Service led by Sunday School children.

24th—11 p.m. Christmas Eve Candle-light Service of Carols and Lessons. Led by Fellowship of Youth.

25th—11.45 a.m. and 6 p.m. Revd. Tom Calvert. Flowers, Women’s Guild. Morning Service with children attending and Christmas Tree Evening Service of Christmas music and song led by Choir.

January 1961.

lst—11-45 a.m. and 6 p.m. New Year Services. Revd. Tom Calvert. Flowers, Women’s Guild.

8th—11-45 a.m. and 6 p.m. Revd. Tom Calvert. Flowers, Mrs. Maclntosh.

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