Langholm Archive Group Report



We have now got over 80,00 entries in the Eskdale and Liddesdale Advertiser Index and, thanks to the new recruits, we are moving along at a very satisfactory speed. We are half way through 1896 at present. The index is considered a valuable resource by the many people who have got in e-mail contact with us from all over the world.

On the photographic side, a lot of work has been done by Sandy and his team on changing the presentation of the pictures in the database and adding a copyright sign to each picture. New pictures are steadily being added to the collection. We have a number of pictures waiting to be added when sufficient information can be found to make it worthwhile to put the pictures on-line. Currently we have over 5000 pictures on-line of which 2687 are from George Irving's collection

The third DVD of pictures from the collection was produced and has enjoyed healthy sales.

We always hope that at least some of the many people who say, "Oh, I've got some interesting photos for you." will actually bring them in. If they do, the photographic team will certainly be very busy.

It would be good if during the year, we can add more active members to the group. If nothing else, the work we do means that there is a strong core of people who are both interested in and knowledgeable about the history and the heritage of Langholm.